Next Generation Uploaded

Next Generation is the journey to the stars,
next Generation and the end of wars.
In the cool of the shade I listen to you,
in the cool of the shade

The energy squeeze is unfriendly,
unfriendly as the dictator
and the food destroyer
and the poverty enhancer.

Next Generation needs no rising inflation.
Next Generation needs free education,
consciousness expansion and unity of love,
unity of love.

The lifestyle is changing with the world:
water and air must be free for all
and free for all the wonder of love
and its healing joy.

Ecology and peace and oneness sweet
of hearts that truly love and know how to give can save the earth for future generations,
for future generations.

Next Generation is the journey to the stars.
Next Generation brings the smile of love and the Bright Earth Light for the joy of all,
for the joy of all.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany