Next Orgasm (by Mirakali)

One kiss of your lips
and I feel the next orgasm rising inside my heart
like a dolphin who glides from the depth of an ocean
to reach the surface of the sea
to emerge into a new world
that’s behind, beyond, within and everywhere
where you live now.

One touch of your hands
and I feel the next orgasm growing
like a bright fire
to shine warm and bright in this world.
Fire of beautiful passion that burns high and higher
with every heartbeat.
And the time stands still in the moment of our ecstasy.

One whisper of your heart and I feel
the next orgasm overwhelming my heart
in a storm of happy feelings
that want to love you,
to give you all of my life, to give you all of my bliss,
to be yours forever.

One movement of your body
and I feel the next orgasm
exploding inside me,
exploding wild and strong with bliss.
That’s the most wonderful thing
god has given to us
to handle the life on earth:
Bliss, endless bliss and this happiness
I give to you with my thankfulness.

One tune of your music and I feel
the next orgasm coming to us,
carrying us on its wings
to a flight into the vast
where we become one.
Next orgasm for a new life,
a new world,
where love and life,
peace and bliss are one.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany