O Sun-Baby! I’m A-Lovin’ You!

“O Sun-Baby! I’m a-lovin’ you!”
I hand you a breeze and you give me the squeeze.
I lift my eyebrows to your breasts on display.
I think of everything in its own good way.
You are sweet like a fresh Cocktail.
You are awesome! You are on the road!
“O Sun-Baby! I’m a-lovin’ you!”

This is how life can be.
Time’s in our hands.
We are sprinkles of the sugar,
havin’ no trouble, only friends.
With us is the flavor that speaks for itself.
You are my girl for a sunstruck morning.
You are a good girl. You are no loser.
“O Sun-Baby! I’m a-lovin’ you!”

A body you have with the beauty of perfection.
I like you to pull me into your embrace!
I like to drink and like to dance with you.
You are sweet, you are watchin’ me.
You are awesome, bringing two bottles.
“O Sun-Baby! I’m a-lovin’ you!”

Love knows the magic, is on top of time,
is God’s gift to the world, so kind,
knows to be so different, knows to be all right.
You are my girl for an awesome ride.
You are my good girl. You are the winner:
“O Sun-Baby! I’m a-lovin’ you!”

I push myself to you, givin’ you every proof
for what I feel for you.
I know what you are thinkin’.
You think of satisfaction fulfilling your yearning,
the feeling of fire breaking through the night,
the power of the dreams over all reality:
“O Sun-Baby! I’m a-lovin’ you!”

A soul you have for true love-experience.
You are focused on the bigger things.
You spend the night enjoying what I give.
I’m sweet with you and I’m a-watchin’ you.
You feel so great with me and it’s ecstasy.
“O Sun-Baby! I’m a-lovin’ you!”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany