On The Razor’s Edge

Life-risk is lurkin’ on the razor‘s edge.
Downtrodden we are and transformed into a mess
when encircled by the system and its devil call.
On the razor‘s edge we live, overcomin’ all.

We fight the next war of innovation, growth and jobs.
Banka-Gangstas are always on the watch.
The media is drinkin‘ blood like wine.
The truth is hidden, is for outlaws and that is fine.

Weather problems rise, harvest is shrinkin‘.
All the planet cries and so do my children.
My wife is in the kitchen, food-prices go up.
‘La Nina‘ rainfall impacts with plagues, is brutal shock.

Life-risk is waitin‘ on the razor‘s edge.
No president ever joined the war of the brave.
Mothers and fathers weep for their son.
He has the honour to never come home.

How long are we idiots of the few?
Lose our home and hope to the greedy few?
Justice means to share and not to steal.
Justice means something but not overkill.

The anarchy of love is the key to the riddle.
Performance and efficiency there is everything.
In love we can unite and claim back our dream.
On the razor‘s edge I learned all these things.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany