One Dream (by Mirakali)

One dream, precious and sweet,
and you can change reality.
One dream.
You dream of love,
you feel the bliss, there is liberation.
One dream
and peace is on its way to realize its magic.

It begins in our heart.
There it is strong.
There is the birth.
You open the window.
You close your eyes.
You feel the wind
touching your nakedness
and you see it.
Here is liberation. Here is peace.

Strong the fighter, courageous the hero
that has won the battle inside
where light and darkness fight
and light wins
and all shadows disappear
once and forever.

One dream. And there is freedom.
Oneness with the One.
Oneness with all
and you enjoy the wind of freedom
caressing your face.

You stand at the open window.
You don‘t feel the coldness.
You don‘t feel the heat.

You feel God standing at your side
looking into your face,
touching your heart,
protecting your dream.

One dream. And God is your reality.
There is silence in the midst of the storm.
With its chaos it tries to catch you.
But you hold your dream in your arms.
She is the Dream filling your heart with bliss.
One Dream.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany