Only Love Can Bring Us Peace

Only love can bring us peace
of another way to be.
Only love can master hate
‘cause love is always great.

Behind the curtain, you know,
something is working, revealing it all:
the action of joy, the action of love
drivin’ out shadows, givin’ the hope.

Peace is comin’, changin’ it all,
peace made by love, created for all,
peace of lovers, peace for all,
peace of hearts so wonderful.

The automatic weapons of jealous greed
and the handheld guns of bigotry
shoot away all the fun
of joy and love and staying young.

Only love can bring us peace,
love of souls so sweet,
the energy of the young and free,
the joy and the love that make us see.

Beyond dull pretension, you know,
there is the true, not just a show.
The action is there of joy and love,
the moment electric of soul and hope.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany