Paradisefeel: I touch it with my conscious dream.
Paradisefeel: It is explorin’ all the things.
Oh – oh, oh – oh!
Paradiesefeel is the wildest thing.
Oh, oh well!

Paradisefeel is a-feelin’ me up.
Paradisefeel: from bottom to the top.
Nothin’ up in the news is any better than that.

Paradisefeel: yes, you clock my dick.
Paradisefeel is a-scrappin’ a lick.
Oh – oh, oh – oh!
Paradisefeel is reel to reel.
Oh, oh well!

Paradisefeel is a-convincin’ me.
Paradisefeel is always for real.
It is enchantin’, it’s the big deal.

Paradisefeel is a-givin’ me the treat.
Paradisefeel is so juicy, is so sweet.
Oh – oh, oh – oh!
My hands are givin’ it to you for free!
Oh, oh well!

Nothin’ in this world is a-better than that,
when you touch it, honey, with all your sex.
Nothin’s up as much
as a hard one with its touch.

Paradisefeel is a-givin’ you all the keys.
Paradisefeel when you do it with me.
Oh – oh, oh – oh!
You are a skeezer and you show your beaver.
Oh, oh well!

Paradisefeel: You touch it with your conscious dream.
Paradisefeel explorin’ all your wonderthings.
Paradisefeel is the wildest dream.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany