Quest For Love (by Mirakali)

Leaves floating on the river’s waves.
Do you live in this world?

Quest for love. Whose quest is it?

Like a ship on the wild sea
leaving no trace behind.
Can you read the signs
written into the wind?

Of what do you think
after a long winter’s pain?
Whom have you met on the streets

towards an unknown home hidden in the valley
near the lake of snow and light,
under the trees embracing the sky?

Don‘t drive into the cold night
leading into emptiness.

Young was the day
as you walked out into the world.
When you look up, what do you see?
Is the moon still enchanting the night?
Stars of forgotten dreams
left behind you on the empty street.

Or has risen the sun‘s glory
burning down on man‘s history.
Is there any mercy? Is there an answer?
Is there an end of searching?

Quest for love. It‘s your quest.
Has the light enough power to wake you up?
New awakening?
Quest for love. Whose quest is it?

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany