Ready For Action (by Mirakali)

Tiger-like crawling over the entire floor
we enjoy every kiss, every touch, every movement sweet.
Hot and wild our passion.
Wide and free our blissfulness.

Oneness of loving hearts,
tenderness of soft hands
touching the secrets of delicious devotion,
joy of pleasure, fire of surrender
burning with millions of songs singing for freedom.

Perfection in the moment
when we are ready for action.

Riding on the waves of ecstasy.
No words can describe what we feel
when we love us, when we are one.

We push beyond, we open the door,
we fly beyond the horizon.

We feel the stars vibrating tale
deep under the skin, in an ocean
of golden light where we are free.

Beyond the shore where you need only
love and freedom
to enter new dimensions.

We move with lightspeed
of our erotic kick.

One and eternal at the same time,
love, freedom and action
like the kiss of your warm lips.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany