Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl

Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl standing on a hill
I wonder what’s the color of this woman’s will.
I am only rushing madly through some naked streets:
and Rock ‘n’ Roll is all I can really feel.

The great explosion of consciousness, you know:
some really say it’s almost dead and gone.
But me I’m playing guitar loud and strong
and feel it’s all living in that Rock ‘n’ Roll.

That Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl is hot and sweet and brave.
I’d like to go with her into some secret place
outside the squares and boxes so strange and ugly clean.
Rock ‘n’ Roll, baby, really is a funny thing.

Now drivin’ in a car on a highway early
in the most important hour just before dawn:
this is really something, man, don’t ye hear it?
Rock ‘n’ Roll lady, your Love is rolling on.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany