Secrets Of The Green World

Come all ye great people from all over the world.
About the secrets I will sing, the secrets of the green world.
They are waitin’ around the bend,
are the harmony of the green world,
the most effective way to our liberation
from anguish and from pain, the self-renewing way
to peace and out of poverty.

Peace that blooms like a flower to the sun
is the answer of nature for everyone,
is the power of progress and growth,
gives the youthful glow of self-renewing force.

Problems are problems if you don’t know the truth.
Givin’, I say, leads to truth. The secrets of the green world
are her ways of givin’, creatin’ abundance and all
that we can find to strengthen body and mind
and a happy soul. She’s the well of immortal life,
she is the giver of light.

All is growing through light, my friend.
All is unfolding out of the night.
From the inconscience we fly
to conscious love and joy.

Every politician and every businessman
from these secrets can learn. Every vision-artist
and every seein’ man through these secrets is born.
Every woman and child and man of these secrets is one.
Humanity as a whole is meant to become
the revelation of all that turns on.

Living harmony is the sum of all secrets
the green world is standing for.
Living harmony is the secret goal,
not destruction and the end of all.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany