See The Light Shining In Your Eyes (by Mirakali)

While we are sitting here,
in a moment of eternity,
speaking about tomorrow,
laughing in happy love,
and a little bit yearning,
I see the light shining in your eyes.

While I sing you this song,
in a moment of light,
while we are looking
for some friends in the night,
they are still waiting
and I see the light shining in your eyes.

While we listen,
we see the sun over the hills
and a lonesome messenger
on a black-glittering horse,
coming from another star,
shining mysterious dark
in the light of your eyes.

While he touches our hands,
a galaxy comes to birth
millions of light-years far from here.
And while we are speaking and laughing,
the curtains rend and we see
beyond the light shining in your eyes.

Now I look into your eyes,
seeing the light there,
shining bright with all your love
and fast we move on towards sunrise.
The first ray of the new sun
touches our soul
while we melt into the light.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany