Sexy Energy (by Mirakali)

Do you like to dance with me,
do you like to feel it sweet:
the kiss, the bliss, the power
of sexy energy driving us forward
like a starship of happiness
that flies through the cosmos
with our sexy energy
that overwhelms all our being.

It is so wonderful to hold you tight,
to feel your heartbeat on my breast
telling of all your fantastic power
that lifts me high, high to the light,

there where nothing can ever cover
the brightness of endless happiness
that pushes us forward with our sexy energy,
sexy energy of youth and dreams.

Wild is our fire, wild our passion
fighting for freedom, longing for peace

and this tenderness that is so beautiful
that you think you must be in heaven
when you feel it deep inside where
you are at home.

Do you like to kiss me,
do you like to feel it sweet:
our sexy energy rising like a sun
in our universe of endless delight.

Then I feel your lips on my lips
and feel you so deep,
your body, soul and love
and we know it so sweet:
Oneness is reality.

Nothing can be more beautiful than to feel your love.
You hold me near to your secret warmth

burning inside your soul,
liberating all our sexy energy
to become immortal and free.
Then you dive deep into me.
We feel eternity, fly with the cosmic dreams

and return in our bodies bliss,
calm like a timeless kiss,
that knows all and understands everything
that is dream and reality

and all the things we never want to miss.
Sexy energy and another beautiful kiss.
Sexy energy and I feel your bliss.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany