Shakti Dream

I’m giving you the answer that ain’t complete,
the answer that shows you how to feel.
The answer that’s no answer at all.
For you I am love, the good and the beautiful.

When I speak silence, you hear it scream,
the hunger for love that’s deep within.
When you are in me, you will see:
For you I’m the peace of every wild dream.

In the desert of stone I am reborn.
I’m the naked child, my own home.
The world ain’t ready they say, but it’s not true.
For you I’m the golden warmth that’s always true.

Now I’ll touch you, make you feel at ease.
It’s no answer, it is only real.
There is that something called ‘you’ and ‘me’
that is no answer but the question indeed.

There is that something called ‘you’ and ‘me’,
without borders it is forever free.
We are hungry, my love, but we are the feast:
The answer we are, good and complete.

Now I’m giving you the answer that knows how to be the real.
The answer that shows you your Shakti Dream.
When I’m in you, I know you will see
what’s love, what’s good and what will always win and be.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany