Shit Makes Me Wonder

Shit makes me wonder:
“What more is there to come?”
It reminds me of the game
that’s made to turn you on.

Forever I could stay
with you bound to the untrue.
Rare are men and women
who can look right through.

With the light from beyond heaven
I look into your eyes.
When everything is fallin’,
it is easy to fly.

I would never try to cheat you,
I’m too great for that.
But I could forget your false you
when you act just like the rest.

Enduring is my love, oh love!
No pressure is there,
no vanity, no regret.
My love is what you can always get.

You must be naked, honey,
to understand my sense for bliss.
No shit can make you wonder
or tell you what it is.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany