Side by Side (by Mirakali)

You are the fire that burns in my heart.
You are the wind blowing into my face.
You are the strength that lets me run
fast and always wider on the way.
You are the light that shines in the night.

You give warmth, you show the way,
you give hope and the certitude
that we will reach our goal.
You are the wildness
that faces all obstacles.
You have the power to be the victor.
You are the tenderness.

Side by side with you.
Nothing else I wish
than to be near to you.
And when I feel your movements in the night,
I know dawn is coming soon.
The morning awakes and brings a new day.
It‘s a new day of our love,
for our music, our art.

Side by side with you
I feel your warmth.
It‘s so beautiful to feel you,
your delight, your strength.

We dive deep into the light
like a cosmic dolphin
dives into the bliss of a cosmic ocean.

Oneness with you, oneness with the divine.
And then I see you in the morning light.
You come near to me
and show me your world:
The Bright Earth with all its wonders,
the Bright Earth with all its love.

There is our home, from there we come,
there is our future
when we step through the door
from this world into a new dimension.
And forever we will be side by side.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany