So Sei Es!

“So sei es!”, I hear the blissful cry.
Deep inside is the yearning, deep inside you can fly.
The moment of redemption is the moment to try.
“So sei es!”, is the call of the newborn sky.

The ocean of desire and the ocean of your cum
know the union mystic, the place where gods are born.
Magic is the power that can give you peace and warmth.
“So sei es!”, is the truth of every transformation song.

I enter your orbit, kindle flames of the unborn,
a cosmos revealing secrets of the dance into the dawn
that’s like a waterfall of time’s treasures unbound.
I enter your orbit and become your sun.

“So sei es!”, you whisper from the depth of your heart.
Your soul is almighty, embraces the stars.
An endless expansion of conscious evolution’s charm
is your way of being and of loving the sun.

Sometimes there is in silence thunder and storm.
I can read the shadows of trees and hear their song.
Wind and air are lovers, true and strong and young.
“So sei es!”, it is written on the forehead of the One.

A baby I can see in the ether open-wide born.
Light is blooming with the ease of the cosmic morn.
Cities like gems and the everlasting day
show you the meaning, invite you to stay.

Bright immortals come, release you from pain.
“So sei es!”, is the meaning of all of Her.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany