Someone Who Needs Help (by Mirakali)

If you see someone you don‘t know
and you see him disappearing into the distance,
someone you have never seen before

and perhaps never see again,
have you felt his heartbeat?
Can you understand what he feels?
How much can you give?

What do you know ‘bout tomorrow?
What do you know ‘bout your self?

Is there understanding, the warmth of a heart
or is there only the brutality of not understanding?
What is more violent
than badwill and unwillingness to help?
What is with your goodwill?
Are you ready to help,
ready to stretch your hand towards the one
that is alone?
Is the race after money, success and power all you can feel?

Is this the end of humanity, the end of all?
How far we have distanced ourselves
from the simple understanding of what is needed,
what friendship means, how it feels to be together
and how much we need each other?
How far we are from each other?

If you see someone you don‘t know
and see him disappearing,
perhaps he could be a friend,
someone you need,
someone you sought.
Is there a warm heart inside your breast?

Is there a longing for a better world?
Is there the will to change yourself?
Is there the courage to understand?

What is more brutal
than to turn away
when someone cries?
Now we have the victims of the earthquake,
now we have the pain of war,
now we have the suffering of thousands
looking for refuge and a new home.

Today it is Christchurch, Libya, Somalia and many others,
tomorrow it can be your town.

And you, can you be the one that stretches his hands
towards the one that needs help?

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany