Something’s Crushin’ In – Part One –

Something’s crushin’ in always – not sometimes.
Can’t you feel it, honey – don’t feed on swines.
The wind brings ugly weather – no sunshine.
I know you can feel it – in no time.

There’s a black dog belongin’ – to no one.
There’s a black wolf somewhere – just move on.
A black hole’s at the bottom – of memory.
It’s hard to pierce through – needs sincerity.

Can’t dream of nothing – but the good in your heart.
Should I be amazed – if it isn’t there at all?
The black dog is barkin’, pissin’ – at a black wall.
The sound of somethin’ echoes – from it all.

Insanity’s doors are painted – with a scream.
It’s unpleasant to hear – is spoilin’ all the dreams.
I’m standin’ on crossroads – but there ain’t no blues
that’s equal to the things – I’m a-passin’ through.

What a shame, they call killers – soldiers for the good.
It’s not exactly what I would – expect from God.
Anyway, he is there and – she is his mate.
So whatever happens could be called – a grace.

Heavy weather everywhere – earthquakes and more.
Someone’s runnin’ out – slammin’ a door.
The baby in the kitchen – the mother on the floor.
I can’t help but cryin’, who cares? – I don’t know.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany