Soulworld Song

When with my mind I roam
through glen and forest and the open skies
of youth and wisdom, I see your smile
and thoughtful I sing my Soulworld Song.

Images, precious, appear from afar
of my childhood’s glory and the Northern Star.
The ancient heroes and the whispering throng
are there when I sing my Soulworld Song.

And brighter than a thousand suns
is the light when at last I come
into the great love’s eternal home
and listen and hear my Soulworld Song.

O, how sweet are the flowers and the scent
of the grace and beauty of intelligence.
And I bow down to the river that flows,
on my lips feel the Soulworld Song.

I can see her there, my tender soul,
where time is rollin’ from shore to shore
of the infinite ocean of compassion strong:
in a tear of wonder shines her song.

When with my friends I dream of the dawn
and feel it deep, the embrace of the One,
I’m the child, born from the young
and grateful I sing my Soulworld Song.

When now with my heart I roam,
she’s holdin’ my hand, is leadin’ me home.
The door she opens to the ineffable One,
from silence arises my Soulworld Song.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany