Squaw (by Mirakali)

A woman’s bosom, her deep eyes
singing of dreams, her morn and hero,
laughing with summer days, smiling with sweetness.
Her soul seeking for love and oneness.
Her heart growing towards love.
A young girl’s dream fulfilled
in a woman’s life, holding tight
all kindness, warmth and tenderness.

She liberates all fire of courage.
Storm and passion burn into freedom.
An eagle’s flight into heights.
She’s never alone, always one
with her lover’s soul
to give him happiness and delight,
hidden strength in his might,
to be certitude in his heartbeat.

To be the warmth in his longings,
to be the singing in his fight,
his victory and his strength.
To fly with him to unknown heights,
exploring with him all mysteries,
to be the healing love,
the loving light in the night,
the calming hands on his naked body.

She’s cool water on his lips,
she’s the kiss enchanting him,
the smile that let forget all pain,
the home that waits to welcome him.
Like a friend she’s at his side,
burning with his fire, dreaming in his eyes.
Her heartbeat one with his
in a sea of happiness and love.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany