Strange But True Love Turnin’ On

I’m a-travelin’ with you through the cold dark night,
you are in my heart, my soul and my mind.
I got stuck on this road in a lonesome place
and it’s strange but real that your body is not there.

Women are there in this place and men.
The air is thick with trouble and with pain
of the workin’ people and the workin’ hand.
And it’s good to feel the fire that burns,

the fire of hope in the cold, dark night
where mercy walks together with the saving might.
I’m surrounded by illusion but I surely know the aim:
The aim is where I am and there we’ll meet again.

Yes, I’m speedin’ with you out of the cold, dark night.
Last time we met with destiny and blood in the sky.
Now it’s strange but true love that’s a-turnin’ on,
just like the date somewhere when we were sweet and young.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany