Strong Days Are Coming

The day is come for all hopes getting real
and for all marvels that have tempted
and made us survive all the negations.

I’m on the way for the next few days.
I’m no more going to school.
I figure out why I’m going no more.

The she of my life is with me at a party.
Suddenly she don’t care for the party.
It’s the same as not going to school anymore.

I know now that Strong Days are coming.
Got a damn good appointment with a goddess.
She holds my hands to stop me from thinking.

The day is come when I am no more heated
when the girls in my life will all stop speaking
and I’m at home hanging out with you.

With you and a different kind-a feeling
fighting all that drags us down.
It’s a sticky sensation. But then I wake up.

I stare at you and then we are laughing.
Things are changing but not our kissing.
And I know we have dreaming bare bodies.

And we will do what the whole world knows
since days immemorial
and made us survive up to this day and more.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany