Sweet Lovefest

“Hi, everybody!
Here comes the Lovefest sweet,
the Sweet Lovefest for all of you
who are free, free and real!”

Sweet lovefest means to be a-new
and partners ultimately true.
Mental confusion goes mad everywhere.
Sweet Lovefest wins, it is there.

La-la-la La-la-la Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh

Sweet Lovefest means honey
in a hell of ISIS blood and money,
rape and plunder and no more wonder.
Sweet Lovefest is made by you and me!

We can take it as it is. Sweet Lovefest is no myth.
Sweet Lovefest makes it happen, says “Naked” for the best.

La-la-la La-la-la Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-o

The other day I was riding, riding all of your sweetest you.
Nothing can be better than you. Your love, I say, is the clue.

La-la-la La-la-la Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-o

Gangstas and politos, bankas and wealthy,
people and tyrants, war lords and kids.
Sweet Lovefest is the plunge,
Sweet Lovefest turns us on.

Religion and war industry
is the total cynicism.
Climate change means business, saying:
“Peace is for the idiots,

to make them dumb and ready
for the next: Rip them off!”
Sweet Lovefest, honey,
drives all demons out!

La-la-la La-la-la Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-o

You and I are winners,
are lovers free and laughin’,
conscious power in the makin’:
Billions of lovers need no rules,

but are the love that rules,
are the love that’s true.
Yes, are the love that rules,
the Lovefest sweet with you.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany