Sweet Vagina

Sweet vagina, let’s put some balls on it,
sweet vagina, Johnson is there to chippy around.
Sweet vagina, let’s put some lipstick on the dipstick.
Sweet vagina, angel of the pussy-whipped ground.

Sweet vagina pulling a train.
Sweet vagina pussy-bumping.
Sweet vagina speedy primed.

Sweet vagina likes to be porked and
she tells the prick: “I’m a pogie,
let’s play doctor, don’t take my pulse,
but play hide the weenie.”

Sweet vagina, peter-eater,
sweet vagina, peenie-lover,
sweet vagina, fine for sixty-nine.

Sweet vagina loves some twat now,
she puts in extra cunt juice
and makes it easier to crawl.
Sweet vagina knows how to draw cream.

Sweet vagina, not for pizza-faces.
Sweet vagina, not for dick-suckers.
Oh, sweet vagina, cunt-sucker dream.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany