Talkin’ Battle for Libya – Talkin’ Battle for the World

Talkin‘ Battle for Libya – Talkin‘ Battle for the World:
Victory for Libya means victory for the world
if it doesn’t mean bloodshed and cruel revenge,
if it will not bring conflicts of dirty power games.

Listen to me children of the future world,
learn from history not to repeat it again.
I sing today of the now that you think about
your today and now and keep tyrants out.

The battle for freedom is the battle of the world.
Wherever it is, it’s the battle of the young.
The young are made by love and for love they are born.
They shall bring love that makes all the world one.

Battle for Libya and for the World:
nations united bring peace to the earth.
The battle for Libya must bring end of sorrow
to be the sign of love for the world of tomorrow.

Victory of Libya must be a victory of mercy
and the end of things that are crazy.
Forgiveness, kindness and cooperation
are the victory needed for the whole world.

The world then will remember Libya’s rebellion
as a step and action on the upward path.
Future world of true intelligence demands
freedom of soul for the life of all.

Battle for Libya and for the world:
Each victory of love is good for the earth.
Each victory of love is good for us all.
Listen to me children of the bright coming dawn:

“Victory of rebellion
is a victory for the world
when changes come
without hate and pain.”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany