Talkin’ Norway, Syria And More

What the past was expecting, now it is here:
living hell you can watch on T.V.
Don’t trust inhumans, they are evil, you know,
kill from Norway to Syria and that’s not all.

Humans must be human, that’s what I know.
They must love the good, must love it for all.
We have no chance in any cosmic scheme
if we ourselves betray humanity.

It’s midnight by now, we know what that means.
If we go too far, we become the beast.
We kill each other, no longer will see
what we are supposed to be.

Living hell is throwin’ the spell
that leads away from the living soul
that we are: the ‘deep within all’.
But as long as we love we shall see and shall know.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany