Talking 2015 – Talking EU, Eurasia, USA

I’m talking 2015, I’m a-talking change.
I’m talkin’ EU, Eurasia, USA.
I’m talkin’ for the people and a better world.

My mind is restless when things ain’t right:
EU must stop all sanctions and get treaties right
with Eurasia and stop being uptight.

The Eurasian people have their free trade union now.
EU must join it for the best of us all,
make complete the biggest continent on this wonderball.

Free trade and culture in a free Eurasian Union
will solve the problems we now have:
Ukraine won’t fall apart and EU can unfold again.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans
a new prosperity will come
and the great Eurasian Union will be born.

The USA can join this free trade and peace will grow.
Jobs and understanding will be there for all
and peace-industries will end the rule of wars.

I’m talking 2015, I’m a-talking change.
I’m a-talking Merkel seein’ a new world
with Putin and Elizabeth Warren waitin’ there.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany