Talking Big Festival Waves

Well, howdy, friends! Here’s something for you.
Somethin’ about the festival, you know,
Spirit of Woodstock Festival is its name,
in Mirapuri, Italy it’s takin’ place.

It’s there for havin’ a good time
with good music and with good people.
It’s a good occasion for a-bringin’
your mind to see somethin’ else …

… and your heart and stomach to feel somethin’ else,
bringing’ to you somethin’ else
while looking into them
Big Festival Waves.

And I’m there with my singin’ ladies
waitin’ for you to come to town
and a-gettin’ them and enjoyin’ them
Big Festival Waves!
Big Festival Waves!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © 2012 Mira Sound Germany