Talking Corona

Corona is rising high.
Human conflicts must go
into standby.
The number of people dyin’
from Corona goes up day by day.
And the number of conflicts
and disasters rises too.

Talking Corona means
talking chance and failure
of humanity.
What do you expect
from Pharma and
Polito Corruptos
and News-Payolas’ fakes?

There’s nothing more to say
but: “Let’s stand together!”
Deliver the anti-virus medicine.
It’s there in Japan and everywhere.
But for making big money
many more must die
making prices rise into the sky.

Okay, people, throw Politos and Pharmas out.
Bring quick and affordable cure.
Make available what’s already there!
Don’t believe in Politos and Pharmas,
believe in what you see for real:
Politos and Pharmas want your money
and your lives for power – and that’s the deal!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany