Talking Edward Snowden’s Next Move

Talking Edward Snowden’s Next Move after he disclosed
top-secret U.S. and British mass surveillance programs
to inform the people about what is done against them,
fueling debates about security and privacy.

Prosecutor charged him with espionage and theft.
His disclosures are said to rank among the most significant
security breaches by leakers in United States history.
John Boehner, speaker of the House, called Snowden “a traitor”.

A “We The People” petition launched on the White House website seeks:
“A full, free and absolute pardon” for Snowden.
German politician Jürgen Trittin wrote:
“Edward Snowden has done us all a great service.”
And Amy Davidson is thankful for the “overdue” conversation
on privacy and the limits of domestic surveillance.

General Michael Hayden welcomed the debate about
the balance between privacy and security.
“I am convinced”, he said, “the more the American people know exactly
what it is we are doing in this balance between privacy and security,
the more they know, the more comfortably they will feel.”

I say: “Hysteria and paranoia and death wish strangling libido
and state machine brutality are the dark world only.
I see the Bright Earth of Love to be the true
and winning in each one of us and that’s what I say:
“It’s time for Lindsay and Edward to marry
and for governments to show mercy.”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany