Talking Gitmo – Close It!

There is something in the world you may call divine.
Gitmo ain’t that! It’s hate and it’s pain!
Close it! Be wise! Turn down the hate!
Start to change humanity’s fate!

The United States of America
are great, they can do that.
They can close the past and start
a new path of education smart:

Education leading to more good guys
saving and not destroying lives,
the ethics that reaches out to the mind
of religions and views of every kind

and brings back everybody on the boat
to work together for the common hope
of a united world, free and bold,
relieved from anger’s heavy load.

Be wise and be the soulful type.
Gitmo ain’t that! It’s wrong! It ain’t right!
Close it! Be wise! Bring in the grace!
Start to change humanity’s face!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany