Talking Lines Of Fire

We go to the streets all over the world.
Banka-Gangstas take away the little we have.
They feed their greed on our tax money.
Food, job and housing are the lines of fire.

Food prices are high and wages low,
we can’t pay the rent for our home any more.
Trouble is creepin’ into our minds.
The banka gang is grinnin’ unkind.

In the lines of fire we struggle everywhere,
in Greece, in Italy, in Portugal and Spain,
in England, Ireland, Iceland and the whole world.
We, the people, understand very well.

Bankas rob the people’s tax money
and governments must stop that.
Governments are there to serve the people,
they aren’t there to make us poor.

Governments must establish real value banking
that invests in real work and in real products,
shares risk and profit on equal terms
so that the working hand will be free again.

The lines of fire are there all over the world.
People must unite for action freedom.
People know what people need
and together can right what went wrong.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany