Talking Mirapuri Action Party (It’s No Politics – It’s A Fest)

Mirapuri is the City of Peace and Futureman
for living human unity and it’s there in Europe, Italy.
It’s the real-world center of the Mirapuri Action Party
which everyone can join in total liberty
for doing what is good for peace and staying free.

This party is supra-political where everyone is all.
No hierarchy is there, no president, no limits.
Brain and heart-based it’s total communication.
Its ideal is world union and its goal the U.S.E.,
the United States of Planet Earth.

This party means true party, means it is a fest.
Good humor is there and no politics.
Love is there, goodness and body action.
It’s where I live with my loved ones and the future.
Yeah, Mirapuri is the City of Peace and Futureman.

Mirapuri knows something about our soul,
something that is healing, is there for all.
I really like it to be there and to feel great.
Nothing is impossible and the true is straight ahead.
Mirapuri everyday is linked through love with all all over the world.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany