Talking Occupy Wall Street Movement

Money is the language of greed.
Greed is governing Wall Street.
Wall Street speculator gangs
are killing entire nations by

downgrading them for gaining
high interest rates till default,
followed by swallowing of bail out funds
which are fed by our tax money.

Step by step we lose our money
through rising taxes and lower pensions,
through rising prices and lower wages,
through rising rents, health and education cost.

Politos and bankas claim
world power and world domination,
want to bring down the people to the level
of slaves and of cheap labour force.

But everywhere, I say, there are also
the good ones and the young, of course,
who want to have a future
and that’s why there is good hope for change

of the financial system
and of polito corruption
and for the coming of free education
and work for all and fair wages.

The unity of mankind can bring that:
the living celebration of humanity
and the coming of
the United States of Planet Earth.

Money then is no more the language of greed.
Greed no more is governing Wall Street.
Wall Street speculator gangs no more
are killing entire nations.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany