Talking Syria Countdown

Syria’s unrelenting violence, torture and massacres
are the bloody tracks of big war business and trade of weapons.
And all the traders of weapons are prolonging
and expanding now the war.
Syria countdown is about how much longer
war-profit-slaughter can be extended.

In Russia, America, England, Germany and where not,
you‘ll find the big producers and dealers of weapons
having a good time.
“Booming weapons industry means employment and
money for the states,” they say.
“So let’s kill them all as long as it goes for the profit great.”

Talking Syria countdown is about politos and bankas
walking over dead bodies with no sense of humanity at all.
It’s about money, greed and no ethics, propaganda and bluffing us all.
Leaders and speculators work together, mislead the people,
don’t help them at all.
The rich help the rich, they don’t help the poor,
they create them.
Talking Syria countdown tells about cynicism
of leaders who are no statesmen.
Talking Syria countdown tells about warmongers
and human breakdown.
Talking Syria countdown tells about the people
that must rise.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany