Talking U.S. Surveillance Scandal (No More Lying On The Phone)

Come on! Talking U.S. Surveillance Scandal!
Yes, I‘m a-talkin‘ U.S. Surveillance Scandal!

Europe – U.S.A., the world‘s biggest
free trade zone: is it going down the drain?

“No more lying on the phone
is the only chance, that‘s for sure, we all know!”

With Edward Snowden and his whistleblowin‘ in the ear
politos know: NSA spying will be here.

‘No spying’ agreement from the U.S.A. they want.
The British already got it. Who’s the next to come?

“No more lying on the phone!
No more doing what is wrong!

No more misleading and acting the fool!
No more cheatin’ and being untrue!”

Oh! Talking U.S. Surveillance Scandal
is the best scandal since hell came to earth.

From radioactive leaks at Fukushima
to religions of nazism to weapons everywhere,
nothin’ will be hidden, nothing disappear,
all the dirt of the world will poison your ear.

“No more lying on the phone!
Only truth-telling so that everyone knows!”

Talking U.S. Surveillance Scandal
is the best scandal for every soul on earth.

From Bradley Manning to Syria war lords:
Now it’s time to stop being at each other’s throats!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany