Talking World War & Good Israeli Foreign Policy (Song about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict & road to world war)

The warmonger autocrat’s escalation game
is the road to World War, the deadly end game.
In Israel it’s Netanyahu’s end game:
The escalation of choice and war till the end.

Good foreign policy is what Israel needs for its life.
Occupation and denial of rights is no way with Palestine.
Good foreign policy is not one-dimensionality.
Good foreign policy helps to build Human Unity.

Israel led escalation is World War in the making.
A Palestinian state is the first step of union-building:
Two states living in peace, guided by young generations
of future-builders, strengthening growth and unification.

The great nation of Israel must turn to the new Arab situation,
must recognize the great historic moment’s beginning,
must catch up with its new dynamics,
must not play with the fire of deadly conflicts.

Good foreign policy is what Israel needs, not ground war
and mass killing of women and children.
Good foreign policy listens to other voices
than that of warmongers and hardliners.

Israel should listen to its Labor Party,
should stop the war and start a new era.
With the help of America it can happen today:
The Israeli – Palestinian two states solution,

Israeli – Palestinian two states evolution
towards peace, prosperity and the greater union,
towards the coming together of the entire region
in the great idea of growing World Union.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany