Tarana’s Island

Tarana’s Island must be the place for you.
It’s soon to come with surprise and courage, too,
on a planet blue near to us and strong indeed.

There in the ocean’s vastness
it will emerge with innocence
and the answer of deathless life.
Strong within protection’s Ray it will show
what now only the Soul deeply knows.
Yes, it is the place for you.

But can you imagine or even dream of a place
stepping ahead of man’s limits towards higher shores
and see a nature taken up freely by
transformation’s mighty wings?

It’s Tarana’s Island I’m speaking of.
It’s your place, I know –
it’s your soul, it’s your yearning.
And it will come with fulfillment.

And I gaze over the ocean wide,
while mind’s folly rages and has no excuse.
Far in the distance I know the Truth.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa,  © Mira Sound Germany