Teen I am to the highest degree.
150 % hardly is enough for me.
How boring, baby, it must be to be
so rich and so unfree.
Teen I am and will always be.
There’s plenty of blood to fuel the feel.
How awful, baby, it must be to have eyes and not dare to see.

Teen I am to drive you up the wall.
I’ll make you nervous when I scratch my balls.
How uncool, baby,
it must be when you want it,
but can not come close to me.

Teen I am and am the big tease.
I like it hard, like it for real.
How easy, baby, it is indeed to get rid
of panties and play Adam and Eve.

Teen I am with the dreams that don’t kill.
A million suns shine in my will.
How sad, oh baby, it would be
if you cheat your erotic energy.

Teen I am to the highest degree.
150 % is the treat I give. Glorious, oh baby,
it is with me. I’m your lover
and you love my skeet.

Teen I am, teen to be free.
Can you follow? Follow me!
How cool, oh baby, it is to be.
All my drive is sunrise sweet.
I am teen. You are teen.
We play the juicy scene.
To be horny makes you
sweet and you want to be filled with me.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany