Tender Friendship (by Mirakali)

It’s a great experience.
It is totally new what happens now.
Nothing will stay the same.
It blows your mind and overwhelms all your emotions.
Suddenly you feel the cosmic breath in your neck.

Your brain seems to stretch like your nerves and feelings
into a wonderful expansion of bliss.
You feel the sun rays of other solar systems
warming up the round stones on an alien planet,
light-years away from our milky ocean,
glittering on the waves
that surge at unknown shores
somewhere in this universe.

You feel the wind of interstellar electrons
flying on sunbeams into the unknown.
You are witness of the birth of new worlds.
You are there when a new world is coming into existence
and you are breathing with interstellar nebulae
that are now your brothers and sisters.

You are reborn in love.
So tender is the new life that now begins,
so tender the friendship that will always be with you.
The more you discover with your soul,
the more all your being grows.

Strong is the birth of new love.
Blissful are the days of a new life.
Everything finds its place in the world of love
embracing all,
giving refuge to everyone, is the future and the goal.

Suddenly the whole universe is your home
and all living beings are one with you.
We move with joy through a world reborn to joy.

Creative we are with our soul power
growing from day to day.
Our love is free.
Freedom is our inner substance of life.
Dignity there is, kindness, friendship,
gratitude and understanding.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany