The Best Rose Of Summer

With the best rose of summer
I go from here to there,
where love is blooming
and is takin’ good care
of me and you,
day and night for sure.
My soul dives deep
into your sky,
reflecting back your blushes
sigh for sigh.
Scattered you are
over my bed.
Weak friendship may decay,
but not the grace
of your love’s shining circle
and your love’s fine way.

I’ll never leave you,
the wild rose that you are.
I know you’ll never leave me,
you are my guiding star.
In the night I can see you
and you can stop all the wars.
You are my good girl,
with you I cross every land.
With you I cross the sea,
climb the mountain free
‘cause you are my mystery.
You got all I want,
you are true and strong,
land and sea unbound,
sky and mountain fresh and young:
With me you are the one.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany