The Bright Earth Prayer of the Divine Love

Let us kindle together the flame of an intense aspiration for the Birth of the Bright Earth of the Divine Love in us; Let us call for the intervention of the Grace of the Divine Love. A miracle can always happen. Faith has an all-mighty power.
And if we want to participate in the magnificent work of the embodiment of the Bright Earth which was revealed to our soul, then the Grace of the Divine Love will intervene and makes us ready to manifest it.
Let us pray with the humility of the sage and the simple faith of the child; Let us call with sincerity this New Bright Earth Consciousness of the Divine Love, this New Power, this New Truth, this New Beauty which want to manifest into our hearts for the change of the Earth and her Life into the Life of the Bright Earth and her embodiment in the material world.

With the Blessings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
and all Love of Michel and Mirakali