The Bright Earth Song

Mega typhoons are on the road
of destruction ’round our globe,
Love World Action alone calms every storm.

Love World Action, I say, is the key
to the change of our destiny.
The times is short! No time to lose!
Love knows best what to do.

The Bright Earth, I say, of light we need is here
where people can gather and have the feel
of living the life of true humanity
and of soul widening into action free.

Youth unemployment then will end.
We come together and act as friends,
live on the Bright Earth of light
in the City of Peace where all can unite.

We save the planet and the green world.
We live in harmony, we are ready to share
our powers of love and soul and work.
We are one in the Bright Earth’s luminous birth.

The Bright Earth is future’s hour,
a world of love and mighty power,
of truth and joy unfolding into
the right, the vast and the totally new.

The Bright Earth is our home, you know,
the place for us to roam
through gardens where the river flows
of happiness and love that knows.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany