The Dream Of The People

The dream of the people isn’t nuclear world
of disaster, meltdown and contamination,
nor are mad leaders the dream of the people
or any of them wars, horror, terror and death,
nor atomic nations of long-term contamination
where the future is a-glowin’.

The dream of the people is like a sweet child
not deserving ban or discrimination.
Common sense tells that dreams are much more real
than outer things misused for the unreal.
Higher food prices and rising cost for housing,
education, health and energy
aren’t the dream of the people.

The dream of the people is beauty and kindness,
happiness and enduring love,
food on the table and future for the children,
a good job and fair wages.
The dream of the people is justice and freedom,
the joy of the wine of someone that is a-lovin’ you.

The dream of the people is humanity and hope,
the drive for the better and a world of love.
The dream of the people is to have a home
and loved ones protected from crime and harm.
To be good is the real dream and feel
of all the people wherever they might be.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany