The Girl At Your Side (by Mirakali)

She’s at your side, understands your dream.
She’s at your side, holds your hand.
She’s at your side, smiles at you, looks deep into your heart
and loves you so deep that you feel free.

The girl at your side walks with you on the road of life.
The girl at your side is the friend in storm and rain.
She’s the strength you need, the tenderness you seek,
Her kisses are full of certitude, her heart is your home,
she calms the storm, gives you warmth and refuge.

Her tenderness heals all wounds
and her embrace let you fly to the skies.
With her at your side you are never alone.
She is the friend with strength and courage
you need to move beyond all limits.
She is the warmth of hope, gives you power and bliss.

Your true girl leads you to the light.
Your true girl turns away from the darkness.
Your true girl tells the words of truth,
she knows the good and tries the best.
The girl at your side is the companion
that holds the sword high and never gives up.

The girl at your side cheers you up
when you are sad and her kiss give you bliss.
The girl at your side knows the right way
and never struggles or falls apart.
She’s the one that will always help,
she’s the one that is always at your side.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany