The Man

By the close of business
on some Wednesday everybody in the country
knew the man.
Everything had undergone a revolution
thanks to soaring costs and unfounded optimism.
Pressin’ too much out of unproven acts
is a fact of business that always takes too much.

By the close of evening
on some rainy day
she came from the country
to see the man.
Everything in her sang of revolution
she felt no limit to
give all of her. She knew her mission,
was no unproven act,
ready for surrender
she didn’t talk too much.

She liked to get off with girls
now and then. Who doesn‘t
like the taste of
lips and tender hands?
What’s the point
of doin’ it with
half of creation only.
Hard manual work
is not only for men.
This girl knew
how to give fulfilling feel.
It’s part of the deal
with man’s steel.

Her name may be Sharon,
a blinding name, behind
it is something
you can’t explain.
Something of exceptional
ripped through the man.
The initial feeling
that defines the end.
He buried his face
in a sweet, musky dream.
Exciting the man
gave her a throbbing feel.

By the close of day
of another Wednesday
she began to know
and understand the man.
Everything had undergone
a magic change
thanks to electric
and charming hands.
Pressing too much out of
hardened facts is no way
for those who simply relax.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany