The Missing Point Song (by David Butterfield)

Who tells of the morning,
who tells of the sign?
I hear people talkin‘,
missing is the point:
We are here together,
we are here for love.
It is now and ever
our road to truth.

Night comes, we are singing,
telling our tale.
Day comes and the wonder
walks at our side –
let us stand together,
let us all unite,
way out of the darkness,
poverty and war.

There‘s a sun of friendship,
there‘s a sun of hope.
There‘s a sun a-calling
behind eye and heart –
there‘s a sun a-lovin‘
always burning strong:
It is our answer,
power, trust and song.

Who tells of the morning
and the things to come?
Voices are so many
but I miss the one –
who is free and lovin‘
knows what‘s to be done?
Who has not forgotten
inside we are one.

Lyrics & Music: David Butterfield administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany