The Other Reality (by Mirakali)

You move in the shadow of the tree.
Victorious you came home.
Light won against the dark world.
On the meadow you hear the voices
of your children playing and laughing.

They dance with the butterflies
and don’t know any sorrow.
You look at them and see
the true face of soul and dreams,
of life and destiny.

There’s no reason anymore
for darkness and pain.
The Bright Earth is another reality.
A future of love and strength
is humanities’s destiny.

A green paradise of peace and joy,
of creative happiness and free growth
into the infinite world of a new awareness,
of nearness to god and his dreams,
of liberated soul and life power
of earth’s destiny.

It’s the same planet, but all has changed,
all is new, love reborn and free.
There is this new reality, is total refuge.

There is hope and a new way to be.
You move in the light of dawn.
The earth is still awakening
and you can’t find the words to say what you feel.
It’s a strong and beautiful storm of light.

Morning glow in your face.
You feel the warmth.
Morning glow in your eyes.
You see the light.
Your dreams fly like birds
over the landscape of your soul.

The wind touches your face.
You move and look and wonder.
You know this other reality.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany