The Right Way

Hey man! Lost your way? Relaxed your dynamics?
World Union first and then free room for action,
constructive anarchy of action philosophy.
The old Reich lost its center and orientation.

If you lose your innocence there is no inner order,
only strangers, lost love and broken business.
There‘s no way back. Begin with love, don‘t end with a gun.
Think and laugh, have a debate on greed.

The arctic region, outer space and Cyberspace,
are the new economic targets for new conflicts.
Politics as it was has no future, is no future.
The United States of Planet Earth are future.

The next step, as I said, is action philosophy
to set the people free.
People need wisdom that is real to get the feel,
the rule of compassion, forgiveness, respect,
the spirit of humanity, cooperation and harmony.

The right way is sincerity in global relations,
culture, economy, ecology and education.
The right way is unity, is U.S.E.,
the United States of Planet Earth, strong and free.

You can‘t make people happy with electroshocks, I say,
near drowning and breaking of fingers.
People can‘t be silenced – they will raise their voice,
overcome rulers and demand their total right to live.

Let‘s talk about the right way, let‘s come together.
Let‘s overcome barriers, prejudice and warfare.
Let‘s pay attention and listen to the young.
They need truthful society, good education,
they need the right way.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany